Here I go delving head first into the LEGO Star Wars theme and what better way to kick off my first Star Wars review, but the one and only Millennium Falcon.


The iconic Millennium Falcon has made an appearance as a LEGO set on several occasions with the last outing being back in 2011 (7965). With Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens out it only made sense that LEGO would modernise the set to reflect the movie (however superficial).

The new set has a LEGO count of 1,329 pieces and retails in Australia at $249. Fast forward 8 months (today) into its release and this set can often be found reduced in your local toy store as low as $200, which in my opinion is a more realistic price point for the set.

There are 10 x numbered bags, 1 x un-numbered bag of base plates and a door stop of an instruction book with a sheet of stickers.


With the inclusion of BB8 the minifigure count is slightly better than (7965) with the count standing at 7 x minifigures. LEGO have really packed in some key characters into the mix that will be a draw for avid Star Wars LEGO collectors along with some Kanjiklub criminal gang members who are chasing down Han Solo.

To kick off we have Rey (surname a mystery any guesses post a comment?). She is kitted out in her standard attire and is identical to the minifigure offered in the cheaper speeder set (75099). I’m always a massive fan when LEGO treat us to printing on the legs and with Rey we get some nice printed detail as part of a continuation of her torso.


Finn was unique to the Millennium Falcon set, but is now also present in the Battle on Takodana (75139), which was released recently as part of the second wave of Star Wars sets.

Finn has a new exclusive hair piece to reflect his character in the movie. Keep an eye out, as I’m sure this will start to make an appearance elsewhere. Torso printing is extremely detailed and really show cases the minifigure. Also note we are graced with two alternative facial expressions for extra measure.


Now who couldn’t adore the new little BB8. Cuteness only surpassed by the new LEGO baby. Sales of BB8 toys have shot through the roof, further proof that this little droid is massively popular with the fans. Detail is good, but my minor comment would be the main body printing seems a little clumsy and not fine in places.


Han Solo-Millennium Falcon-Han Solo-Millennium now how could we have the set with no Han Solo impossible! Luckily for us LEGO agrees and we get a weathered old Han that plays perfect homage to the 70+ year old Harrison Ford. I believe he is still unique to this set and will be one of the main draws for die hard minifigure collectors. Torso printing is great and spreads down onto the legs. As with Finn we also get alternative facial expressions and some really cool wrinkles over his face to really emphasis that aged look.


Trusty and loyal partner in crime Chewbacca is next off the rank utilising the newer colouring and two tone effect we have seen in some previous sets. Chewie is also aimed with one of my favourite weapons that actually fires. Very clever how LEGO squeezes in these little play features into the Star Wars weapons.


Just to balance the minifigure offering we also have some Kanjiklub Gang members. To start with we have one of the general non-named gang members with some interesting printing front and back on the torso and legs. He also has a great eye patch and bandana to close off the menacing look.


Finally we have the leader of the Kanjiklub Gang – Tasu Leech. Torso printing is more basic, but is in keeping with the movie character. We also have alternative facial expressions (stern and angry – hey when does a criminal need a happy face). Also worth noting the funky hair piece, though not unique I believe it has only made an appearance for Qui-Gon Jin and Bard from the Hobbits sets.


With the minifigures rounded up it’s now time to talk about the Millennium Falcon itself. As mentioned before the set is very similar to the 2011 edition and this goes for the build as well with only minor updates here and there. Take for instance the square antenna dish as opposed to previous circular antenna dish. This reflects the patched up Millennium Falcon we see in the latest movie.

The one difference that is worth noting is the remodeled and designed front part of the ship. Gone away are the old flick fire missiles and now replaced with spring loaded missiles that are triggered by pushing your finger through the circular access bay (4×4 round plate with hole). Watch your eyes these bad boys surprised me and the dog by firing nearly 5 meters across the room!


From the rear she has her standard hyper drive ribbon and profile we’ve come to love.


The mechanism to open her up to reveal the inner workings is the tried and tested system consisting of twelve wedges that open up like a flower. The only difference in the mechanism compared to previous models is the main front wedge slides back and forth.


One area to get a new lick of paint is the hyper drive assemble. We now have some nice lavender coloured tiles (thanks Friends LEGO) with detailed stickers on top, with the main control panel also covered with a detailed sticker. The overall effect is cleaner, crisper and more modern version than previous.


Of course we also get the legendary smuggling compartment which can accommodate a minifigure (shame I can’t hide in there at times).


Sadly another minor complaint is we still have the access hatch that barely BB8 could squeeze up. The Millennium Falcon just sits too low and this was a complaint of the previous model. Sorry Harrison Ford I know you’re old but time to get on your hands and knees and squeeze up!


I couldn’t resist – Chewie We’re Home!


Cockpit is relatively the same with the previous printed cockpit that pops on and off for the minifigures.


Then we have the hub of all activity with the Engineering Panel, holoboard (Dejarik), and communal seating. Please Please Please Finn let Chewie win!


Looks like BB8 has taken a liking to the new LEGO Baby (maybe a new pram alternative)!


Overall who could not love the Millennium Falcon. LEGO has stayed true to the spirit of the ship and honoured it with a great set. I admit that there is not a lot of difference to the 2011 set, but if you missed out previously I would highly recommend this set. The selection of minifigures is great and I couldn’t offer any other suggestions other than maybe a Rathar attached to the cockpit?

To end I would happily give this set 10 out of 10, but with a few niggle points that don’t seem to have been overcome or improved from the 2011 model it would seem remiss of me to give a perfect score.

Final Rating: 9 out of 10

Happy Building!



  1. Great Review! I do like the format and breakdown of the review. Would like one of these myself, The real thing would be even better!

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