Firstly sorry for the radio silence over the last week. I had to head over to freezing Melbourne for business and boy it was cold! You would think being a POM I would be ok, but must have got soft living in WA for the last 10 years.

Anyway enough of me and back to the reason of the post – Review of LEGO Star Wars Rey’s Speeder (75099). I’ve been meaning to pick this little set up for a while but couldn’t bring myself to pay the full RRP. Well today i was in luck and spotted this set at Myer in the clearance section for $29.95, which in my opinion is a much better price point.


The set was released towards the end of last year as part of the first wave of Star Wars Force Awakens sets. Piece count of 193 means the set is actually quite small compared to others in a similar price range. It is worth noting that this is fairly standard for the LEGO licensed themes likely due to the royalty paid to Disney.


Upon opening we have the standard array of contents, instruction booklet, numbered bags (in this instance 2 in total) and a little strip of stickers for the completed set.


Instruction booklet is simple and logical as you would expect with most modern LEGO sets and build is simple to follow.


The build took less than 25 minutes to complete and was fairly enjoyable.


For its size LEGO have done a good job capturing the design of Rey’s Speeder and they have incorporated some play features to keep all budding Speeders happy.


We even have a little cargo hold to store salvage items, which panels open to reveal by twisting one of the rear exhaust points. Also don’t forget a couple of firing lasers just to keep enemies at bay. Not sure I saw them in the movie version maybe part of this “LEGO is locked into an arms race” noise we’ve been hearing lately – thoughts?


One thing this set does give us is access to Rey without having to break the bank on buying the Millennium Falcon 75105 (see review). She is kitted out in her standard attire, but with this set we get the added addition of a side satchel and banton.


We also get a cool mask as seen in the movie, capturing the textured cloth, detailed goggles and screams amazing quality. I also believe that the mold is a one off for this minifigure.


To round up the double minifigure offering we have an Unkar Thug that pestered Rey briefly in the movie. The minifigure is a cool grey/silver colour and has some nice little touches like sand speckled across the torso and leg printing. The head printing is superb and is covered by a grey cape. The minifigure is really good, but I feel a BB8 and Teedo would have been a better inclusion.


Even though the stickers could quite as easily been left out, I have to admit they do add the final SMALL touch when completing the Speeder build.


The small compact nature of this Speeder will make it instantly playable to children. I’ve already had my daughter running around making car noises as she played with it. However, the choice of the Unkur Thug minifigure, missing net feature from the movie and original price point makes this set rate more on the average side.

Remember to drop down to the local Myer if you want to pick this set up at the discounted $29.95.

Final Rating: 6 out of 10

Happy Building!


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