Thanks to our European brethren (Hoth Bricks) we have our first look at the Christmas promotional sets for 2017 and as we’ve seen with the other seasonal sets, 2017 marks a return to the little vignette. What’s nice is these sets will be a great source for some extra seasonal parts and Christmas village inspiration.

First up 40262 gives us a small mini train and a festive market scene with a generous 3 minifigures. Anyone for a pastry and coffee?

Expanding on the festive market theme 40263 adds the Christmas tree centerpiece, pretzel stand and another 3 minifigures. The last time LEGO were so generous with promotional Christmas minifigures was back in 2012 with 3300014.

The promotional sets should be available from early November either purchase/promotion at the certified LEGO Stores or promotional at LEGO Shop@Home.

Happy Building!

2 thoughts on “SEASONAL CHRISTMAS SETS REVEALED 40262 & 40263

  1. I like to purchase my twin grandchildren (boy & girl) the City Advent Calendar / Friends Advent Calendar each year since they were born (2013) since they are only 4 ½ I haven’t given them to them yet? When do you think I should start giving the Advent Calendar’s to them?

    1. Hi Linda,

      My two eldest have have been given their Advent Calenders since they were 4. But my children have been exposed to LEGO from a very young age with all my LEGO around the house 🙂 Ask the parents what they think – by the way they are very lucky grandchildren

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