Today 11 years ago I embarked on the journey of my lifetime and travelled to Perth, Western Australia in search of a better (warmer) life marking the end of a period of travel when I went visiting major landmarks around the world. Therefore it seems fitting that today I got a chance to head down to The Brickman’s Wonders of the World exhibition in Perth, Western Australia.

The Brickman is the brainchild and creation of Ryan McNaught (LEGO certified Professional, one of only 14 in the world and the only one in the Southern Hemisphere) who leads a team of LEGO builders and craftspeople. Ryan and the Brickman team are famed for their large and detailed models covering a multitude of of subjects and winning many awards.

Though Ryan is based in Melbourne he made a flying visit today to his Wonders of the World Exhibition in Perth and kindly invited along the 3 LUG groups in WA (West Coast LUG, WA Brick Society and PLUG). Thats one thing I do love about the AFOL and LUG community (once we stop infighting) it’s a social bunch and tends to give a lot back to the community etc…

Because Ryan’s exhibition is running until the end of July I’m going to resist posting all my pictures and avoid ruining it for others who intend heading down. Plus it’s a great excuse for my crappy iPhone pictures (my main camera died on me a few days back).

It was interesting listening to Ryan explain due to Health and Safety requirements, ease of transportation and stability that his larger models were glued and had steel reinforcement running through the internal guts of the model. This is especially critical on his Titanic model above that utilised a cantilever system. Further the specialist glue effectively welds and bonds the LEGO bricks solid thus if it breaks it normally shatters and means the end and retirement of the model.

One showpiece I can’t hold back on was the spectacular St Basil’s Cathedral. This model on its own would make me come down and see the Exhibition. I found myself getting lost in the detail and spent a questionable amount of time staring at it!

Sorry couldn’t resist A quick selfie with the huge half scale LEGO version of the Statue of David – Oh and Ryan as well!

If any of my Overseas followers want to see more images of the models feel free to reach out via the website or facebook page and I’ll happily email them across (I really haven’t done it justice). With over 50 awe-inspiring and never-seen-before models it’s well worth a visit – Head over to the The Brickman’s Wonders of the World page and get your tickets today before he packs up and leaves Perth (30th July 2017).

Happy Building!


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