Right so it’s time to finally undertake my first review and I thought it might be best to do this on a vintage Lego set. The set that springs to mind is my first 9v train set I received on my 9th birthday. The feeling when I opened this as a 9 year old comes extremely close to the birth of my first born. I nearly lost my mind when i got this set and well and truly set me on the path to being a Lego Fanatic.


The set I’m reviewing today is one i picked up on ebay a few years back. I do still have my original, but it’s stuck back in the UK and I’m still trying to get my Mum between horse riding and work to post it over (along with other previously owned Lego sets).

To start not too sure why the graphics on the box show it coming out of a fiery tunnel into some Lunar looking cavern, but all the early/mid 90’s train sets use the same graphic (stranger still with the Train Station 4554).

The set was released in 1991 (gIMG_0781iving away my age now!) and came with 461 pieces and 3 x minifigures. On a scale of rarity the minifigures score pretty low. The only notable exception is the red & white strips minifigure who only features in two sets, so could be viewed as interesting in his own right for those die hard collectors of minifigures.


The set also comes with track to make an elongated circle with only two straight pieces. For some reason straight track pieces, whether in a set or bought separately was rarer than bat poo (dumb down for younger readers) back in the 90’s. This set is part of a series of 9v train sets that Lego made before discontinuing in 2007. Due to this the 9v train sets are gaining popularity and price.


IMG_0764IMG_0757The train itself is a modelled around a cargo train and comes with a forklift to lift cargo on and off. Detail on the train is good, but the cargo carriages are a bit lazy and basic.

Overall an enjoyable build and primary colour scheme works well with the Lego train series. It’s worth noting the instruction booklet also offers an alternative build should you wish to experiment, but not freestyle your own build.

Further for those interested I’ve added some pictures of the Instruction booklet – Classic 1990’s

Lastly, for those interested, back when I was 9 I had my train set running from my room into my sister’s room. Her end had Lego belville (one of Lego’s many attempts to get girls interested in Lego – blog for another time) and in my room I had the airport, police station, fire station etc… I think you get the picture.

Final Rating: 6 out of 10 (10 out of 10 – Nostalgia factor)

Happy Building!


2 thoughts on “VINTAGE REVIEW – LEGO 9V TRAINSET 4563

  1. Great Review! I would like to see some images of the directions if you have them (not a page by page or anything like that, but a few shots of the interior pages). If you can rotate the images so that they aren’t sideways that would be helpful too 🙂 . Definitely a great set to launch a blog with!

  2. Thanks Simon – Looking into the images issue (firefox and Explorer specific problem) and will rectify this soon. I’ll also flash up some additional images of the Instruction booklet as well. Appreciate the feedback.

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